For high-quality design, installation and repair of concrete, Milwaukee residents know to call JBS Construction. With more than 30 years providing concrete design, installation and refurbishing services in Milwaukee, Waukesha and surrounding southeastern Wisconsin, JBS Construction has earned its reputation as the go-to company for concrete in Milwaukee. From standard concrete services to jaw-dropping decorative concrete designs, JBS Construction has a proven record of getting the best out of concrete.
Family-owned and operated, JBS Construction has always had one goal: To be the best concrete company in Milwaukee. Building on their well-earned reputation and 30-year record of providing high-quality work at affordable rates, JBS Construction offers a full range of services for concrete design, installation and repair. Not only do they offer routine concrete services — like installation, repair and refurbishing of driveways and sidewalks— but they also offer affordable decorative concrete services — like colored, stamped, textured and acid stained cement for concrete patios and retaining walls. Whether they need help designing dramatic hardscapes for commercial properties or repairing cement driveways that have started to crack and pit, for high-quality concrete, Milwaukee property owners know to call JBS Construction.

Like many property owners with plain concrete, Milwaukee property owners often don’t realize how versatile, low maintenance and affordable high-quality concrete can be. Modern technologies mean that beautiful decorative concrete options are now within the reach of middle class America, so even middle income families can have gorgeous stone patios and eye-catching concrete driveways. And, when they choose concrete, Milwaukee property owners are choosing material that isn’t just durable, it’s low maintenance too. Unlike asphalt, which requires annual sealing to protect it, concrete is only sealed once after installation. In fact, if a driveway is properly installed and sealed, it can last decades without breaking down and warping the way asphalt driveways can.

To be sure that they receive high-quality services for design, installation and repair of concrete, Milwaukee residents are encouraged to choose concrete experts who have extensive experience installing and caring for concrete. Property owners who opt for less experienced amateurs run the risk of hiring contractors who use inferior installation techniques that may lead to decreased durability and tensile strength of their concrete installation.

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